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of reflection, of - Paul Kotula Projects

of reflection, of

Patrick Burton, Tony Hepburn, Howard Kottler

  • Tony Hepburn, Bucket, 1998, stoneware, luster, 13" x 37" x 13"

  • Howard Kottler, 'Pope Ware,' c. 1968, (four plates, four bags, box) porcelain with cut decals and luster, plastic, leather, cloth, plates: 10.5" diameter x 1"

  • Howard Kottler, 'Pope Ware,' detail

  • Howard Kottler, 'Golden Girl,' c. 1969, porcelain with cut ceramic decal and luster

  • Brass Calico Chinoisere, c. 1970, porcelain plate with cut ceramic decals and luster, 10.5" x 1"

  • Howard Kottler, Paisley Vase, 1987, earthenware with decals and luster, 8.5" x 6" x 4"

  • Patrick Burton, 'For A Time The Story Must Go Back Somewhat And Tell All Had Chanced The First Night We Met,' acrylic paint, Swarovski crystals, papier-mache on carved wood, 48" x 40"

  • Patrick Burton, 'For A Time...' detail

  • Patrick Burton, 'A Circlet of Kisses in Baby Woojums Flower Garden,' 2011, acrylic paint, Swarovsky crystals, papier mache, wood, 60" x 60" x 2.5"

“of reflection, of” presents the work of Patrick Burton, Tony Hepburn and the late Howard Kottler. A range of histories are mirrored and reflected in work that visually does the same.

“Bucket” by Tony Hepburn was inspired by the digitally fabricated font “Univers Revolved” by Ji Lee. The silver objects that spill out of an earthy and primitive bucket are three-dimensional versions of Lee’s font made on the potter’s wheel. The objects spell the word “BUCKET”. Hepburn brought the 5,000-plus-year separation of these technologies together in a work that also harkens back to Art and Language, a group Hepburn was affiliated with during his early career.

Howard Kottler, a gay Jewish artist, was know for his sly social and political work that often involved the use of ready-mades, such as porcelain blanks and commercially available ceramic decals. In “Pope Ware”, Kottler offers four distinct commemorative plates with coordinating storage bags and box, bridging Catholic and queer aesthetics. The repeated image is of Pope Paul VI. Among the many positive changes Paul Paul VI brought during papacy was dialog with the world; he excluded no group. But, allegations of his homosexuality emerged in 1968. In one plate, Kottler has removed the eye, ear and mouth from the portrait, which may refer to ‘hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

Polish paper cutouts are the inspiration for Patrick Burton’s elaborately crafted work that forms a circle of personal and literary histories. The title of his multi-part installation, “A Circlet of Kisses in Baby Woojums Flower Garden”, refers to an exchange of letters between Gertrude Stein, “Baby Woojums” and Carl Van Vechten, “Pappa Woojums.” The pairing of birds, like many of the parts, are mirrored reflections of each other and share affection as stated, “je t’aime.”